Full Property & Suites

Sunlight SeaScape is available for up to 13 guests.

Separate and together. Close and socially distanced.


The full property of this unique inn is available for up to 13 guests seeking a quiet, gentle private, retreat. There is room for sleeping, cooking, and each accommodation has its own bathroom.




Combinations for small groups.


The Cottage and Annex.
Sleeps 5 in the main house.

Le Studio & Library Suite
Sleeps 6.

Le Studio, Library, & Annex/Boat House Suite.
Sleeps 8. Boat House includes a kitchen and larger shower. The Loft add-on is also an option instead of Boat House. Contact Joy for details.

Library & Annex Suite.
Sleeps 5.

Sunlight SeaScape’s luxurious bedrooms and beautiful setting are conducive to intimate family or friend gatherings. Contact Joy for details: 206-595-3498.