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These rates are for scheduled group retreats only.

Rates include taxes, cleaning fees and a light, first morning healthy breakfast in your room.


Unit 2 nights: double 2 nights: single 1 night: double 1 night: single
Annex $113 per person $200 $75 per person $125
*Library Beginning at $113 per person $200 $75 per person $125
Studio $147 per person $260 $90 per person $165
Boat House $123 per person $220 $80 per person $135
Loft $80 per person $160 $65 per person $105
Cubby $80 per person $160 $65 per person $105
Cabin $80 per person $140 $65 per person $105
Bring your own tent: $15 per person, per night, coffee & tea. Use the Cabin for bathroom and kitchen facilities.

*The Library is a living area with a bunk room with four bunks. The Bunk Room is comfortable for two average adults. The Library living area as a full bed option, comfortable made from a futon with luxury mattress topper. Thus, the Library can accomodate up to three adults: two in the bunk room; one in the living area. The rate per person depends on the number of adults sharing this space and will be priced according to the number of nights shared.